About us (Trainer)


We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge within the industry and our reputation speaks for itself. For each Thoroughbred racing partnership it is our promise to treat you with respect in all dealings. We are honest and open in all communications and expect the same in return. We want this to be the experience of a lifetime and have you be a repeat customer like so many of our clients. Therefore, we promise to disclose all material information and be responsive to your requests in a timely manner and to manage your investment professionally and with care. We care about our clients, and we care about our horses.

It is our duty to provide our horses the best training regimens available, to never knowingly put them at risk, and to provide them with the best veterinary care possible.

Whether you are ready to pursue your dream of being a part of a Thoroughbred racing partnership for the first time, or you've been an owner before and are looking to experience racing at another level, we ask you to explore a Thoroughbred racing partnership with the Pewter Stable. We recognize the importance of HONESTY, CREDIBILITY, AND INTEGRITY to success in the horse racing industry. We are committed to upholding the HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS in all our business relationships and racing partnerships.

Reach out to The Pewter Stable to learn more and our team can answer any questions you may have about how you can enjoy the benefits of a thoroughbred racehorse partnerships. It is our goal to provide all the fun and excitement through a partnership that thoroughbred racing has to offer with a fraction of the financial risk, none of the hassle and an extreme level of customer service.

The Pewter Stable offers a sterling opportunity to partake in racehorse ownership at a relatively low risk. For more than 25 years under the leadership of Greg DeMasi, The Pewter Stable has brought the thrill of Thoroughbred ownership to individuals who might not otherwise have been part of this prestigious sport.


Based in the Northeast under the watchful eye of trainer Kate DeMasi, The Pewter Stable has won hundreds of races and millions of dollars at the track this decade alone. In addition, partners have shared in revenue from the sale of horses. The Pewter Stable offers these advantages:

  • Training services on stakes and allowance quality horses
  • Multiple stakes winning trainer with high "in the money" percentage
  • Proven track record of expert selections in Thoroughbred race horses
  • General Partnerships
  • Individual ownership
  • No Markups or Management fees

What further sets The Pewter Stable apart is our niche in the marketplace. Our horses race at all the Mid-Atlantic tracks and New York, where the infusion of slot money has energized racing. Guided by husband and wife Greg and Kate DeMasi, Pewter maintains manageable numbers of horses and partners, and keeps the training rate much more reasonable than other partnership offerings. And it is clearly working--more than 85 percent of The Pewter Stable’s clients are repeat owners.

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