Pewter Stables' TUFF PARTNERS wired the field in the $75,000-added Caught in the Rain Handicap at Philadelphia Park. The Kate DeMasi trainee has earned more than $220,000.


Have you ever dreamed of owning a thoroughbred horse but thought it wasn't possible or affordable? The Pewter Stable brings years of experience to Thoroughbred horse racing and offers various Thoroughbred racing ownership. As an established leader in Premier Racing Partnerships for more than 25 years The Pewter Stable provides the thrill of owning a share in a racehorse without mark-up or management fees. It is the goal of the Pewter Stable to advance the concept of horse racing partnerships in Thoroughbred racehorses

Pewter Stable is currently reserving spots for our partnerships forming soon for two-year-old's of 2022. It is an opportunity to partake in racehorse partnerships at a relatively low risk. This husband-and-wife team maintains manageable numbers of horses and partners and keeps the training rate much more reasonable than other partnership offerings. And it is clearly working--more than 85 percent of The Pewter Stable's clients are repeat owners

For more than 25 years under the leadership of Greg DeMasi, the Pewter Stable has brought the excitement of Thoroughbred horse ownership to individuals who might not otherwise have been part of this prestigious sport by offering affordable horse racing partnerships. In the past, only the extremely wealthy were able to participate as owners in Thoroughbred horse racing. This was due to high initial cost of purchasing a Thoroughbred along with the costly monthly expenditures of training, shoeing, feeding, and veterinary care. By joining a Thoroughbred racing partnership, clients can experience all the thrills and enjoy all of the benefits of Thoroughbred racing ownership at an affordable price. This is accomplished through our racehorse partnership agreements by spreading the financial risks of ownership across the rest of the partnership. In turn, the clients also enjoy the increased purchasing power of the combined assets of an horse racing investment partnerships, which provides the opportunity to enjoy higher quality horses.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you experience the joys and thrills of a Thoroughbred racehorse partnership with the Pewter Stable.